We at Duck-Rabbit Brewery are monitoring the COVID-19 health crisis closely. During this crisis, for as long as it makes sense, we will be offering home delivery to select areas in North Carolina.

How does this work?

  • First check to make sure you are within our designated delivery area.
  • Second place your order by Wednesday at 3:00 pm by sending an email to Be sure to include the following information:
    1. Your name
    2. Your email address
    3. Your address
    4. Your phone number (and the best time for us to call you back)
    5. What beer and / or merchandise you’d like
    6. Whether we can make substitutions if something is out of stock
  • Third we will call you back to take credit card information (the law requires that we process payment before making delivery).
  • Finally we will deliver during the designated times shown below. You must have a valid id showing that you are over 21 at time of delivery. If no id is present we cannot deliver beer and no refund will be available. If you are not present when we try to deliver, we will call you to arrange a second try.

We will be accepting orders each week starting on Monday, and will continue to take orders for that week until Wednesday at 12 pm. We will be making deliveries on Thursday and Friday.

Where will you be delivering? 

We will be delivering to addresses with in the following areas: 

    • the Triangle 
    • Greensboro 
    • Charlotte
  • Downtown Farmville
  • Downtown Greenville     

This may change, so check back!

What will be available for delivery?

To see what is currently available for home delivery click HERE.

We will charge a $5.00 delivery fee, waived for any order consisting of at least a case of beer (four 6-packs, two 12-packs or six 4-packs).


(If you use web based email, or the link above doesn’t work, email your order to: