Name: Chris

1 How long have you been a part of the Duck-Rabbit family?

2 years and 8 months (as of June)

2 What inspired you to work in sales for a craft brewery?

I was in restaurant and bar Mgt before Duck-Rabbit. All the coolest people I met
were either brewers or brewery reps.

3 What area in our distribution territory do you cover?

TN, GA, AL, and west NC

4 What is your favorite part of being on the sales team for Duck-Rabbit?

Helping to spread the love of Dark-Beer. It always feels like a personal
victory when I can get someone scared of dark beer to enjoy one of our Milk

5 Other than sales, what else do you do with the brewery?

The job of a sales rep is not just sales! I organize events at bars/restaurants/taprooms
showcasing our products. I run (and sometimes cook for) beer dinners at
accounts. I help accounts troubleshoot draught system issues and do general
quality control. I help restaurants pick their beer menus. I would like to
help brew, but it’s a 10 hour drive one-way for me to get to the brewery,
so that’s probably out.

6 Who is/are the person/people you admire the most?

I don’t know if I actually admire anyone. I do love my friends though. Friends are the family
you choose.

7 When you aren’t working, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

Table top games, board games, video games. I DM 2 different Dungeons and Dragons
games and one Star Wars RPG. I have ALL the X-wing minis. I am on the
Android: Netrunner Pro-Circuit. Games are pretty much my life when I’m not
slinging beers.

8 What is the most interesting thing about you/something most people don’t
know about you?

I am fluent in 3 languages. English, French, and Russian.

9 What is something you absolutely cannot live without?

Noodles. I have an addiction. Specifically Tokyo style Ramen. Also Pho. And Japchae. Really
any Asian noodle.

10 Anything else you’d like us to know?

Never underestimate the Dark Side of the Force (it’s better anyway).