Summer is here! And it’s hot here in North Carolina. So what do the folks at Duck-Rabbit reach for when the mercury starts to rise? We love pilsners and pale ales as much as anybody (really! We do!), and to be sure we’ll be drinking a fair bit of those… However, while they are crisp and refreshing and wonderful in their own right, as producers of delicious dark beer we recognize there is something that those beer styles just don’t have.

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is cook out. Burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, all manner of veggies, and more are all super tasty off the grill. Few things are as appetizing as some tasty food recently branded with those beautiful grill marks. And all that tastiness deserves an equally appetizing beer to go with it. Something that hits a harmonic note alongside the roasted character you get from grilling food.

To that end we kindly offer the Duck-Rabbit Schwarzbier! A style that is sometimes referred to as a ‘black pils,’ it is every bit as light and refreshing as a pilsner, yet it has a delightfully roasty character (ours is especially roasty!) and is black in color.  That means it is just as good for mowing the lawn as it is for pairing with some of those grilled summer foods. Try it with some grilled German sausage, or a grilled Portobello mushroom (if meat isn’t your thing). Or just open a few with some friends on the back deck and watch the fireflies. You can’t go wrong with The Duck-Rabbit Schwarzbier! Oh, and did we mention it won a GABF medal in 2014? It did.


The Duck-Robert

P.S. Don’t think that we don’t also drink Milk Stout all summer long too! Try it with s’mores sometime. Seriously, they’re brilliant together.