There is a lot to celebrate this time of year. From gathering with family and friends, to feasts and frivolity, to toasts and traditions, we certainly seem to pack a lot into this time of year. Perhaps it makes sense that during the season when the nights are the longest, and the days are the coldest, and we find ourselves sequestered indoors a bit earlier and a bit longer than any other time of year, that we should celebrate with the ones we love. Provided of course, that they don’t drive us a little nuts. Maybe that is why the Holiday spirit has so long been associated with some Holiday spirits!

Going back as far as history has records, and likely even farther, this time of year has been linked to imbibing a little alcohol. The beverage of choice would vary by culture and geography, but for many (as is the case today) the holiday beverage of choice is beer. We can’t think of a better beverage to foster a warm and convivial atmosphere for a holiday party.

In that spirit, we offer our Baltic Porter. With a nice bit of warming alcohol, velvety smooth yet roasty dark malts, it is certainly a beverage that one can use to celebrate with friends, family, or just as a way to warm you up on some of those long cold nights. It also happens to make a great gift! Happy Holidays everyone. We’d love it if you made a few Duck-Rabbit beers a part of your celebrations this year (please do so responsibly!).


The Duck-Robert