Welcome to our brand-new website! We are very excited to have this new place to show off our beers and showcase our brewery. Take a look around at all the great stuff going on at Duck-Rabbit Brewery. The site has a full list of our beers, complete with the seasonal release times so you’ll know when you can pick up your favorite limited release. Read up on all the styles and varieties that we offer and give a new Duck-Rabbit beer a try. Have you had our Schwarzbier yet? It is our current seasonal release and is a perfectly refreshing beer for the summer months.

We know you are curious about the curious folks who work at Duck-Rabbit Brewery, so we included a peek at the people and personalities that keep this operation hopping. Believe it or not, we do sing and dance while we brew. We are a group of dedicated, and polite, brewers who are committed to bringing you the best and tastiest dark beers.

Want to see all this fun for yourself? Come visit the tasting room at the brewery in Farmville, NC on Fridays. We open up at 3:00 and love to see new faces chatting with our brewers and our tasting room regulars. Grab a pint and take a tour! Then pick up a shirt and a six-pack before you head home to keep you connected to Duck-Rabbit brewery until you visit again.

If you aren’t able to make it to the Farmville tasting room, The site features a map of our distribution areas so you can find the nearest Duck-Rabbit. There’s also a list of upcoming events where you can enjoy Duck-Rabbit. We’ll be coming soon to a festival near you!

We are proud of our beers and our brewery in Farmville, NC. We are thrilled to have this new website for you to explore so you can learn more about The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery. What are you waiting for? Pop open that bottle of Duck-Rabbit and check out all the great stuff on our website!