Is it me, or are food and beer pairings becoming rather popular these days? I, for one, love cooking, and when you throw some delicious beer into the mix, it can turn into a flavorsome little adventure! Prior to us releasing our seasonal Duck-Rabbit brews, I like to gather some recipes that can either be used during the preparation and cooking of the dish or food that will complement the beer. Since we will be releasing our Duck-Rabbit Märzen later this month, I have a couple of recipes to share with you all.

First, I’ll briefly tell you about our Märzen or “fest beer”, as it is often called. This German style lager is the lightest style we brew. It can easily be savored, since the ABV is only 4.6%, that’s what makes it the perfect go-to beer during a festival. While sipping, you may get a slight bitterness from the hops and a subtle sweetness from the malts in this brew. All in all, I find a wonderful balance from the ingredients that form this fest beer.

Next, let’s talk about food! Alright, I am totally in love with a few celebrity chefs out there (and who isn’t?). One of my absolute favorites is Bobby Flay. He cooks a wide array of different cuisines and is pretty in-depth during preparation. I found this one recipe of his that will go very well using Märzen; Beer Brats. Yum! A rather easy to make recipe with a few classic toppings added. This is one I will definitely be trying very soon.

For the cheese lovers out there, how about some good old fashion mac and cheese with a spicy twist by Sunny Anderson? She is so fun, full of energy, and most of all, very passionate about her cooking and it shows. So, here we are pairing sweet and spicy. Since there is a slight sweetness from the Märzen, it will help to ease the spiciness from the cayenne pepper and Monterey Jack cheese on your palate. I love cheese and I love spice, I will most definitely try this.

I sure hope that you have found at least one of the two recipes that I have shared worth a go. They both sound lip-smacking good in my opinion, and very simple to prepare as well. In the next few weeks, be on the lookout for Duck-Rabbit Märzen, grab a six pack (or two), a recipe idea, and make it a date!