“I love cooking with beer! Sometimes I even put it in the food.” Sure this joke usually applies to wine, but it can certainly be used for Duck-Rabbit beer drinkers as well. Fall is on the horizon and the weather is perfect for grilling, so now is the perfect time to put some beer into your favorite recipes. Adding Duck-Rabbit’s Milk Stout, Amber Ale, or Brown Ale will give your go-to grilling menu a new depth of flavor.

Let’s start with the most classic of grill fare, the burger. You probably have your own special blend of spices that you mix with the ground beef. Next time, add a quarter-cup of beer to the pound of ground beef along with your spice blend to create beer-infused burgers.

Next on the menu is steak. Beer is a natural meat tenderizer and using it in a marinade gives steak a great texture. Just add the Milk Stout, Amber Ale, or Brown Ale to your favorite marinade recipe and enjoy the rich flavor it brings to the meat. If you’re looking for a new marinade to try, check out the beer marinated steak recipe on The Beeroness website. http://thebeeroness.com/2013/07/31/beer-marinated-steak-with-porter-gorgonzola-butter/

You can also add beer to the marinade for your chicken. A beer-infused marinade brings new life to chicken wings, legs, and skewers. For even more flavor, boil the marinade until it has thickened and use it as a glaze for your chicken. Try this chicken skewer recipe, also from The Beeroness, that uses a Porter glaze. http://thebeeroness.com/2013/07/12/honey-porter-glazed-chicken-skewers/

Finally, you can tinker with your barbecue sauce as well. Take your favorite bottled sauce to the next level by adding in some beer. You can get creative and make your own sauce that will play well with the roasted flavors of the dark beers. Great BBQ sauce recipes are available at craftbeer.com and on The Beeroness site. http://www.craftbeer.com/recipes/simple-beer-bbq-sause


Now you have some new tricks for grilling with beer-based meats, marinades, and sauces. Pick up your favorite Duck-Rabbit beer, have some for yourself and share some with your grill. You are sure to have a memorable grilling experience.

– Robin