Crowded Warehouse.JPGThe Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery is breaking ground today for the construction of a new warehouse facility!! Our present building is already chock full, with every nook and cranny occupied to its absolute maximum potential. Spatial challenges are about to mount to unprecedented dimensions with the impending arrival of four new 80 Bbl fermenters and one new 80 Bbl brite tank. The new box-building machines have already arrived, and as wondrous as it will be in improving efficiency, Duck-Rabbit warehouse guru, Chuck, might just explode while trying to fit everything into the current building.

Over three years ago, Tarheel Building Systems ( from New Bern, NC completed the tasting room and QC lab extension attached to the front façade of our current building. We were so impressed with their quality of work that we have asked them back again to construct the 6,000 ft2 new warehouse towards the southwest portion of our 4.5 acre parcel. We are very sad to see three of our pine trees felled to make room for the concrete pad, but we are pleased to announce that three more will be planted elsewhere on our parcel in their honor.

DR at Ground Breaking - 2.JPG

What will the new brewery tour look like? The exact configuration will be something of a mystery until construction ends and everything is ready to be placed in position. Generally speaking, however, the new building will house our warehouse material, including objects such as kegs and packaging materials. The brew house, fermenter and brite tanks, and bottling line will remain in their current positions leaving ample room for new tanks and increased production. In other words, this expansion will enable Duck-Rabbit to use the half of its current 10,000 ft2 building, currently devoted to warehouse space, for the brewing of much more delicious dark beer!

Pad Grading.JPG

Be sure to stay tuned. There will be updates, and I cannot wait to show you the box-building machines in action. Also, be sure to keep your eyes on our website. As production expands, so will our distribution.

Raise a glass to breaking ground and the ability to make more beer than ever!!


Katie Cooper