Behind the Scenes of Duck-Rabbit

Have you ever wondered who works behind the scenes, making and getting your favorite Duck-Rabbit beer onto the selves and into your hands?

In the upcoming weeks, the Duck-Rabbit crew is going to start a new project on our blog called “Behind the Scenes of Duck-Rabbit.” With this new project, I’ll be posting weekly to biweekly posts focusing on one of the employees on the Duck-Rabbit team.

I’ll ask them a few questions about their lives inside the brewery and what they do when they aren’t at work.

The piece will be starting in the upcoming weeks, and will be updated every week to two weeks until I’ve covered all the people that work hard to make and sell the beer you enjoy!

We’ll be covering everything from what brought them here to Duck-Rabbit, to what their hobbies are outside of work and even something that most people don’t know about them or what they feel is something interesting about themselves.

With that being said, sit back, grab a beer and get to know the guys making your favorite beer a little better!